Hi, I am Tina, and I need a new home.  I am doing okay in the kennel which has been kind enough to allow me to stay, but I am wanting a family of my own.  In February of 2017, a kind lady adopted myself and another dog from the county shelter.  We were a happy family of 3 and then mom got deployed with the Navy.  She was to come back for my brother and I around the end of 2017, but she is not coming home.  My brother found a new home, but I am still looking for my new family.

I am most likely lab/boxer or terrier mix with maybe a smidge of Dalmatian. I am a good girl and can keep myself entertained when my humans are not available. I love to cuddle with you, but after a while am just as happy to go find a place on the floor or a doggie bed and chill on my own. I love treats and love to play.  I pull a little hard when on lead now, but that is because I am so happy to get out of my kennel for a nice long walk.  Because I am in a kennel, it is hard to ascertain if I am housebroken, but once I know where I am allowed to go it should not take me long to figure it out.

I seem to do well with other dogs.  My prior mom used to take my brother and I to the doggie park for run and play time, and I did fine with the other well-behaved dogs at the park.  However; I would need proper introductions to any new dogs, just to be sure we all get along.

Wouldn’t you like to meet this pup?? If so, please complete an adoption interest form and email adopt@valleydogs.org.   

Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix

Sex: Female

Age: 7 Years

Size/Weight: 60 pounds

Ok with Children

Good with dogs / Unsure about cats

Special Needs: None

Contact for More Information:

Additional Information: Download Adoption Interest form and email to: adopt@valleydogs.org