Hi - here are some pictures of Rascal. He really is a little rascal so the name fits.  He was found terrified, hiding under a car a couple of weeks ago.  A 911 request to save him was sent out and a young woman went down to the lot and coaxed him out and turned him over to me.  Rascal is 6 - 9 months old, terrier mix with a fun loving personality.  He would love to play with the other dogs but I have him either isolated in his kennel or in the doggie play pen in my yard so that he doesn't exacerbate his injury.  He was limping when found.  He was x-rayed the same day I took him in which was 2 weeks ago.  The injury is call an "aversion of the right tibial crest" which is at the top of the tibia where it meets the patella.  It is basically a break in his tibia.  The surgeon that reviewed the x-ray recommended surgery as soon as possible. We don't know when the injury occurred.  Rascal will not put any pressure on the rear right leg so the doctor thinks he may be in pain and sent us home with pain meds.  The surgery is estimated to cost $2,500. So if you can help please let us know.

Rascal is a great little pup.  He just got off to a rocky start with this injury.   He is as cute as can be, friendly, loving and playful.  When the dogs are outside I sometimes will hold him on my lap to get him out of the playpen and he is just a little wiggle worm, squirming to get out into the yard with the other pups.

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Breed: Terrier mix

Sex: Male

Age: 9 Months

Size/Weight: 10 pounds

Good with Children 10+ due to size

Good with dogs / Unsure about cats

Special Needs: Surgery Needed

Contact for More Information:

Additional Information: Download Adoption Interest form and email to: jazznorman1@yahoo.com