Panchita is a very sweet dog with her humans and loves as much attention as she can get.  She would love nothing more than to be at your side all day long.  She has beautiful light brown eyes that give her a very soulful look. They are very effective at getting her something she wants. 

She gets along with most other dogs after a proper introduction and time for supervised interaction. She seems to do better with male dogs but once she has a buddy, gender doesn't matter.  She will need to be in a home with people who understand dog behavior and know that a good relationship can develop with some dedication and training.

She is ok with some cats, but others seem to rub her the wrong way. She would be better in a home without kitties.

Panchita has recently discovered that a kiddy pool is great place to cool off in the summer. She has not had access to a full size pool, but who knows, she may like swimming!  She loves her walks, so when the weather is cool, outside is where she likes to be, with you, of course.

If you are looking for a dog who will be a devoted friend forever, and you have the time and dedication to make it happen, this is your girl.

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Breed: Daschund / Chihuahua mix

Sex: Female

Age: 5 Years

Size/Weight: 12 Pounds

With Children: Good with children

Good with other Pets: Good with dogs / Ok with some Cats

Special Needs: None

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