My name is Joey.  My previous owner died and no one from the family would take me in.  I don’t know why because I am a very good boy.  I found myself at someplace called “the pound” which was very loud and very scary.  I was there almost 2 weeks and had started to give up hope of ever having a home of my own again.
Then a very nice lady with Valley Dogs Rescue came down and pulled me and took me to a wonderful foster home.  I was depressed and had contracted an upper respiratory infection while at the pound.  I was not feeling well at all and did not want to do much or eat much.  I was treated for the URI and within just a few days was back to my ole happy self.  But, I still need a home of my own again.
I know I’m a little older, but I am a happy boy with lots and lots of love and life left in me and really want a family of my own to share it with.  I am good with other dogs and am even tempered.  I like playing with the other dogs in my foster home, but also know the value of a good nap and cuddle time.  I’m not very big, but have a whole lot of love to share.

Can I please share it with you?

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Breed: Daschshund / Chihuahua mix

Sex: Male

Age: 10 Years

Size/Weight: 18 pounds

Good with Children

Good with dogs / Unsure about cats

Special Needs: None

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