This is Fireball.  That was not his original name, but he is a bundle of energy and with his beautiful red coloring it just seemed to fit him.  He is believed to be a Chin-Pin (Chihuahua Miniature Pinscher), but his front paws are speckled almost like a heeler.

Fireball is young – somewhere just around 2 years old.  He has lots of energy – he is always on the go and curious – gotta check things out you know.  There is very little that will get past this boy’s attention.  He does like lap time and seems quite fond of humans, but it does appear to be on his terms.  He does not like to be held tight to where he is confined, and when he is done with cuddling he moves on.  He has shown no aggressive behavior towards people, but will wiggle and squirm until he breaks free.

Fireball’s biggest issue is that he is an escape artist and a runner – there are just too many things in the world that he wants to see!  This is why his prior owners had to give him up.  They were elderly and could not keep up with Fireball.  He did manage to sneak past them once or twice and make it outside the home and they were worried for his safety.

He loves to play once he gets to know the other dogs and is getting better on the leash, although he will need a bit of work on not wanting to stop and check out everything along the way.

This little one is no shrinking violet.  He has a personality and is not afraid to show it.  He will need exercise, whether it be being played with in a back yard or daily walks to keep his energy level in check.  He will need a strong, but positive “pack leader”, as well as a vigilant household (children included) to make sure he does scurry out opened doors and a secure yard to keep him contained.

He may present a bit of a challenge, but he is full of love and will help you live life to its fullest if you will give him a chance.

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Breed: Min-Pinscher / Chihuahua mix

Sex: Male

Age: 2 Years

Size/Weight: 10 pounds

Good with Children

Good with dogs / Unsure about cats

Special Needs: None

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