Sergeant Major

This fantastic looking boy is Sergeant Major.  Sergeant Major is an American Pit Bull Terrier (which the Irish name is the “old family dog”).  He is approximately 18 months old.  Sergeant Major was left at a boarding facility in Phoenix - he has been there since January of 2016.  After being unable to reach his owners for several months, he has been deemed abandoned and relinquished to the kennels who are working through Valley Dogs find him a new home. 

Sergeant Major has recently been neutered and is current with his vaccinations. 

He is an absolute goof who loves human attention, activity and exercise, belly rubs and rolling on his back in the grass with his tongue lolling out of his head in a big ole happy, goofy smile.  After adequate exercise, he is happy to lie at your feet and just hang out with his best friend – you!  He does not appear to be dog aggressive, although appropriate introductions with any dog would be strongly recommended. 

Sergeant Major is an agile dog, and has been seen “bouncing” easily five plus feet in the air, so a secure yard with a high fence will be a must for this boy.

His temperament seems to indicate he would do well with children, however; due to his size a household with children over the age of 8 is recommended.

If Sergeant Major sounds like a match for you, please contact us and we will coordinate a meet and greet with him.

Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 years
Size/Weight: 53 pounds
Ok with children:  Okay with older children due to size
Ok with dogs:  appears to be, but proper introductions/supervision are recommended
Ok with cats:  unknown
Special Needs: None

This pup is a courtsy post by Valley Dogs Rescue. Please if you are interested in meeting this sweet dog

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

Sex: Male Neutered

Age: 18 Months

Size/Weight: 60 pounds

With Children: Good with older children

Good with other Pets: Good with most dogs / Unsure about Cats

Special Needs: None

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