I’m a 7 year old large furry mix.  My best friend Chion and I were rescued after our dad was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Chion found a new mommy last year but I’m still here. We used to live mostly outdoors in the yard with about 6 other dogs, but since we came to live with our new foster mom, we get to live in the house with her and her other four legged furry children.

I’m pretty easy going and have learned a lot, like something called “manners” and how to walk on a leash.  My foster mom says I’ve done really well and learn fast.  I really like meal time and treat time, she calls it “food motivated”!!  I love people and just want to be near them.  In their lap if they’ll let me!

I had something called “Valley Fever” but I took all my medication and it’s gone away for now.  Living outside all the time made me a little creaky on the joints too, so my foster mom give me some medication to help with that. I like most other dogs so having a furry brother or sister would be great, I just need to meet them first and make sure!!

My foster mom says that whoever adopts me will be getting one of the easiest dogs in the world and she wants to find someone special who’ll be sure to take care of me furever!

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Breed: German Shepherd / Aussie Shepherd mix

Sex: Male

Age: 7 Years

Size/Weight: 62 Pounds

With Children: Good with older children

Good with other Pets: Good with dogs / Unsure about Cats

Special Needs: None

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