Alumni Happy Tails

Stories and Notes from our Inbox

Each day our inbox is full of correspondence and we've decided to share some of these wonderful stories with you. You'll see letters from people we've helped, people that have adopted from us, people that have just met us, and of course, lots of old friends. We find these stories and notes very uplifting and inspiring -- we think you will enjoy them.

Below are some of our alumni and their families If we've touched your life somehow and and would like some braggin' space, email us!

Thought you would like to have an update on two of your special little boys. I was fortunate to adopt Tequila (Teq) and Oliver (Oli) through your wonderful organization. They have brought lots of joy and challenges to my life! Oliver was an older dog who had been abused. He required lots of TLC and reassurance that he was loved and special. The county apparently was ready to “put down” Teq when he was rescued by Valley Dogs. He was a barker and seemed very insecure when I met him. Each still carries some of those memories of their previous lives but are thriving. Teq still likes to bark, loves to scare birds and geckos out of “his” yard and has learned patience so Oli can be first part of the time. Oli has learned to trust again and knows I will do everything to protect him. He has a quirky little personality which has emerged also. Both boys enjoy their morning routine which consists of hurrying outside through the doggie door to use the grass, then back inside to “shake hands” and receive a morning treat followed by lots of loving to start the day. I was fortunate to be allowed adopt both boys hoping to extend Oli’s life by pairing him with a younger Teq. I hope Valley Dogs continue with their mission to rescue such special animals and give them a second chance for a good life. Teq, Oli and I will forever be grateful to this organization……. and to Becky and Bev for being such great foster moms. Still doubly blessed, Sharon

Peanut Peanut Peanut

In March of 2004, we adopted "Peanut" from you at PetsMart in Chandler. She has been the joy of our lives ever since! We re-named her Kukui, after the Hawaiian nut. She has been in agility for a year now and we hope to compete soon. She is extremely intelligent and affectionate. She loves to go hiking. We love her so much!.... Hi! I noticed you still have Kukui on your Happy Tails Page, so I thought I'd send you an update. Kukui has been in agility for 5 years now, and she has ten titles and lots of ribbons. She has a sister named Kona who was adopted in 2006. Kukui is an amazing dog. I just want to thank your organization for bringing her into my life.

Bernie Bernie Bernie

Just wanted to send along some recent photos of Bernie. It's been almost a year now that we adopted him from your group and he is doing great and has become a big part of our family. He's been on a diet and has lost about 8lbs since we adopted him. We have about 5 or more to go.
He loves playing with our other dogs and likes the pool and going for walks and car rides. He also absolutely loves his fuzzy squeak toys. He is pretty spoiled and gets a new one every week and will walk around with it in his mouth for days or until it can't squeak anymore. It is the cutest thing to see him with it.
I am very glad that we came across Bernie that day at Petsmart and we decided to make him a part of our family. He brings joy to our family and you can tell he is a very happy dog.

Thank you all at Valley Dogs for all that you do to help the dogs in need. There are so many homeless animals out there that just need a good, loving home and someone to give them a chance and your group works tirelessly to make that happen. I would recommend anyone looking to adopt a dog to come by Petsmart on Saturdays to see the dogs your group has rescued.

Thanks again!

Kelli & Darron Stewar

Downing Downing Downing

We adopted Downing, now Maya in December of 2009. She is the best dog ever and we are so grateful for her EVERY DAY! We cannot imagine our lives without her. You would not believe how vocal she is now. She barks, and loves to "talk" to us.

As for the neighbor, he is going to watch her when we have to go away for a week this summer and we told him jokingly that he needed to sign a contract to agree to give her back :-)

Anna Puppy Anna Adult

Scout (Anna) has grown into a beautiful happy girl. Her siblings are below. Another great puppy has found a great home. Her mom said: We adopted scout (Anna) in September of 2008. She is one of the sisters of Hazel and Kona (Monroe). She is the most wonderful dog. She is very sweet and gets along well with our other dog, She loves to chase the cat but the cat will chases her back!!!!! We are very pleased with valley dogs and the great care they give their animals. We will continue to support Valley Dogs!!!

Monroe and Hazel Monroe and Hazel Monroe and Hazel

Kona (Monroe) and Hazel and doing well! They are full of energy; and we make frequent trips to the Dog Park! They have stayed at the pet resort a couple of times and love to make friends there. They both graduated from PetSmart obedience training and listen occasionally! (Hazel can sit AND do 'high fives'; Kona, well....he's such a handsome dog!). They really bring such a joy to our lives. They are so close to each other; like twins. Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to animal lovers and those who are looking to adopt a friend for life! We love our puppies (and yes, they will remain forever; "The Puppies")!

Cheech Cheech Cheech

He graduated from Intermediate obedience. Everyone said that Dax (Cheech) improved the most... I think it was because Dax was the worst to start I think by next year you won't recognize him for his behavior... he is starting to reach out a little bit. For us.... he is Charmen... might try beginning agility this Summer and will be taking him to flyball practice just for the atmosphere and all the people and dogs. Brian took some more pics of Dax while playing today so I have attached them too... what can I say.. we are proud of our boys!!!!

Wilson Wilson

Here are some updated photos of Wilson. He is very spoiled and very loved. Take care, Barb

Stitch Stitch

We can't tell you just how happy Stitch has made our home. We adopted him February of 2006 and he was the missing piece of our puzzle to our small family. We enjoy the time we get to spend with him everyday and it was wonderful how he adjusted to our home right away. I have become disabled sine we have adopted him and he has shown signs of seeing where there is a problem with me and responds to me quickly without being taught. He also loves to go to the dog park and play with all the big dogs and we have gotten him used to camping and fishing already. We can't Thank You enough for our little guy, he is the perfect addition to our family and it makes us feel so wonderful that we was able to bring him to our abuse free home and take care of him the way he should.


"Hi. Reporting in on Cosmo, formerly Lennon, an alleged Whoodle we adopted from a PetSmart location in the Phoenix area in July, 2006 (drove all the way from Tucson to adopt him). He has definitely filled a gap left by of our 16 year old Standard Poodle, Roscoe, who lost his life to bone cancer a few months before we adopted Cosmo. Cosmo was abused by children as a puppy and we still watch him when he is around strangers, but he has come such a long way and seems to be trustworthy and tolerant of everyone he meets (and, of course, they think he's so CUTE!!). Cosmo "sings" hello when we come home after work and loves to keep us "rounded up" so he can maximize the amount of attention he gets. He is a true friend, companion dog and a very special part of our lives. Thanks again to Valley Dogs and to Jennifer for her excellent foster care. P.S. Check out those sexy eyelashes!!

Major Major Major

"Dear Valley Dogs, Hi everyone! Remember me? It's Major (although my Mommy calls me Peanut too)! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I was adopted! I wanted to tell you that I am doing really well in my new home. I have a wonderful big brother, Harley, who I am learning a lot from! We like to hang out together while our Mommy and Daddy are at work. Almost every day I get to meet new people and I am beginning to learn that meeting new people isn't that bad. I'm still not sure about kids though, but my Mommy and Daddy know that and they make sure I'm safe if little ones come around. I love to swim in the summer and it's fun for me to run from Mommy and Daddy when they are trying to towel dry me off! My Mommy and Daddy tell me they love me every day and I am really lucky to be safe in their home. Thank you Jennifer for saving my life and introducing me to my new family! Love, Major"

Claire Claire Claire Claire

Hello everyone....We are coming up on Sissy's (formerly known as Truffles/Claire) first year birthday and I wanted to share a few pictures with you. She has grown to be a beautiful dog with quite the personality....She is the opposite of Buddie when it comes to the pool, she only likes to lay on the steps and is not much into swimming but turn on the sprinklers and look out. We just had a sprinkler system and sod installed in the back yard a few weeks ago and she loves to run thru them, you'll get the chance to see her in action. She has a very friendly personality and loves to meet new people and dogs. She enjoys the dog park but when she was still somewhat small she use to pick the biggest or "meanest" breads to play with and Steve would freak out, pick her up and move her to the other side of the park. That's when we found out just how strong willed she was she would just run right back to the big / mean looking dogs and continue playing. Steve finally let her be but there were several gray hairs added to his head of hair. She has her brother whipped into shape and rules the house until Buddie has had enough than he takes it back even thought she now has a few inches and pounds on him. She loves to jump up and give big hugs and kisses when shes in her "angelic" mood and than in a blink of an eye her horns pop out and look out. We may have a BBQ / Birthday party for her and if so I will send you all the info, we would love for you to join us and get the chance to see her again all grown up! Kim and Steve

Daisy Daisy

"Here are a couple of pics of Ms. Daisy! Look at how she sleeps! She’s so cute! She’s dreaming and thinking “ahhh…thank God I was rescued and thank God Jennifer from Valley Cats & Dogs saw me and gave me to this wonderful family!” That is totally HER couch by the way….. And the other one is a picture (taken sometime in March, I think?)—that’s where she waits for Danny until he gets home! My sister in law took these."


"I'm sending you a photo of Nora with my daughter, Ashley. Nora has adjusted well to her new home. She is a very sweet puppy and we are really enjoying having her with us."

Nala Nala Nala

"Hi! I just wanted to thank you guys for taking care of our sweet little kitty until we found her! We adopted her from the PetSmart on Gilbert and Germann back in April, and have loved having her in our home for every second since that day! She was extremely scared while in her cage at PetSmart, and even though she was afraid to let me hold her there, I was determined to take her home and make it work. We have a male siamese who we adopted from another PetSmart a couple of years ago, and although she is still afraid of him, she has finally warmed up to us and gives us so much love and affection. We have changed her name from Tsubi to Nala, although my husband calls her "Nilla Wafer". She has been such a blessing in our home, and I'm so thankful we were able to take her from the terrible situation that she came from and be able to give her a safe and loving home. I have attached a couple of recent photos of her. She is finally becoming playful and fun! Thank you again for all you did to help her find a good home."


"Mo-He (formerly CJ) is a Cherokee name with means "Big Elk" I think it will be fitting for him, he is at 31 pounds now at 14 weeks of age. I am sending you a pic of him with one of his sisters... we have 3 other dogs besides him, all shelter and rescue dogs. The 2 big dogs play with him all the time, our old Beagle mix Lumpy (he is 8) just thinks he is a nuisance. Lumpy is all about sleeping on the bed under the fan..... playing fetch is sooo beneath him!!!"


"As you can see Romey, Pypr and Inkie have bonded! That doesn't mean that Inkie has given up hissing at Pypr -- she still does that, and Pypr patiently takes it from a sitting position. (I can see the wheels turning --- "What does that cat think she's doing?") Anyway, we're delighted that everything seems to be working out well on the home front."


"Here's Dodger!! He's been a joy to have! He loves playing fetch and provides hours of entertainment... He also happens to be wonderful snuggler. We love him very much. Thank you!!"

Darjo Darjo

Just wanted to say we could not imagine our lives without our spoiled baby Darjo! We considered re-naming him to suit something for our family but wouldn't you know it just after 1 day with him we knew there was no way we could rename that precious baby - HE IS A DARJO! The one and only! He is awesome with each and every family member and has a special relationship with each of us in his own way and he is truly our family dog! Our whole family adores and loves Darjo so much and he is so spoiled by all of us! We just wanted to say thank you for bringing us so much joy and happiness thru our baby Darjo!!!


Brandon and baby Mukkie (formerly McKnightly) caught taking a cat nap together! What a wonderful life!

Peaches Peaches

Peaches has no problem smiling for the camera! She's a happy pit bull with a heart of gold!

Cheena Cheena

"Hello! My husband and I adopted Cheena from Valley Dogs last June. I just wanted to write and let you know that she is a happy puppy and send some pictures. Cheena is a proud graduate of PETsMART Training (Basic - Advanced) We have also just completed basic agility and are looking forward to continuing this fall. Keep a look out for this girl at the agility trials this winter, we hope to start showing."

Bailey Bailey Bailey

"Bailey has been a part of our family for almost a week now. He fits right in here. He enjoys his walks and will start training at Petsmart on Tuesday. We just love him to pieces and can't imagine our life before! We have taken a lot of pictures, some of which are attached. Thank you so much for all the work that you do."


Baxter (formerly Ruggles) had a visit to his local barber shop! What a VERY HANDSOME boy!!


Corky was adopted from us in June 2006 after a three month battle for his life. As you can see he's fully recovered and is running and playing with his new brother Baxter


"Hello, I just wanted to share an updated photo of the kitten we adopted in January. Her name was Sedona, now her name is Riley. We love her so much and she is a great cat! Thanks!"

Emery Emery

"I just wanted to write and let you know that I adopted Emery on December 3 and she is working out great. She gets along good with our dog and she's so well behaved. I have attached some pictures of her with her new brother Cuda."

Sox Sox Sox

"My husband and I adopted Sox about two and a half weeks ago. We love her dearly! She plays all morning with her new brother, Lance, after a good walk around the neighborhood. She rests in the afternoon and then gets out to the dog park for an evening of socialization. She is fitting in nicely but watch out for the killer tongue! She's better than an alarm clock in the morning!"


"Cosmo (formerly Lennon) has settled into our home, accepted my tortoises and the five cats and, incidentally, wormed his way into our hearts. He seems to be okay when we're gone for the day, up to 10 hours at a time, but is so happy to see us and is our constant "shadow" when we're home. We adore him. Whenever possible (weather permitting), we take him with us wherever we go on the weekends. He is a hit everywhere. He's getting a little shaggier than you might remember, but we like him that way. We keep him brushed, but in another month or two, we will take him to the beauty parlor. Here's what he looks like now. Cute, huh?"