The following organizations financially support Valley Dogs and Veterans and Their PetsSM Efforts. Without them we cannot be successful. Please support them in their efforts:

Maddie's Projects in Maricopa County
Petco Foundation

Who We Are

Valley Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 26-0896950), no-kill animal rescue organization who's mission is to rescue dogs that have been abandoned, neglected, or otherwise placed in harm's way; to provide temporary housing for adoptable dogs, and to promote and encourage the responsible care of pets, especially spaying or neutering, micro-chipping and vaccination of dogs and puppies. We have over 40 years of combined rescue experience and knowledge.

MISSION STATEMENT: Valley Dogs rescues abandoned, neglected, and surrendered dogs of all breeds. We provide the temporary housing of adoptable dogs and are a refuge for hard-to-place dogs. We promote and encourage responsible pet care, especially the spaying or neutering, micro-chipping and vaccination of dogs and puppies. Our public outreach involves providing resources to owners looking to re-home their dog due to financial hardships, this includes providing information on low-cost spay/neuters, posting their dog on our website, micro-chipping and encouraging them to come to our adoption events all the while staying in their original home.

Fundraising Efforts

Valley Dogs is a non-profit (EIN: 26-0896950), charitable organization run by an all volunteer (non-compensated) board of directors. Every penny received from donations goes directly back into the organization to pay for veterinary care and medicine bills. Physical items are also accepted and are tax deductible. Your contribution will be directly responsible for helping a dog find a permanent home. We do yearly fundraising and outreach activities including a yearly golf tournament, and spaghetti dinner. We send informational flyers highlighting a dog that was in severe need and was saved due to our efforts. All these activities ultimately aid us in our rescue and education mission. Please let us know if we can add you to our email list so you can participate in these activities.

Where are we located?

We do not have a kennel / shelter type of facility. We believe the most effective and successful way to match families and pets is to foster them in our own homes. Fostering dogs allows us to train the dogs to have good doggie manners and allows us to learn about the dog's personality and character. Ultimately fostering our rescue animals allows us to give potential adoptors complete information on the pet's behavior and how well he / she will fit with a family and lifestyle. If you would like to be a foster please let us know ( In order to adopt the dogs that are in our group, we hold adoption events every Saturday at the Petsmart on 20st. and Camelback.

Where do our dogs come from?

Many of Valley Dogs Puppies and adult dogs are rescued from city animal shelters right before they're scheduled to be euthanized. Other dogs come to us from people who have found them as a stray or abandoned, and often gravely ill. Unfortunately, there are far more homeless dogs than we can care for, but we do our best to place as many dogs as we can into a Valley Dogs foster homes. For the cases where we are unable to bring a dog into our group we offer families the option to courtesy post their dog on our website. This includes providing information on low-cost spay/neuters, micro-chipping, posting their dog on our website and allowing them to come to our adoption events during this process the dog stays in their original home. Please consider adopting one of our wonderful dogs. Each one of them has overcome the odds and is ready to be a positive, permanent addition to your family!